This Term So Far

This term has been going by very very very fast. already week 4, and also into our third game for football. So far everything has been smooth with classes, scheduling, and athletics. That doesn’t mean that it has taken a lot out of me. I’ve been very tired from my hectic schedule. But all in all I am loving my Sophomore year so far! 

Fall Term of My Sophomore Year!!

I have been here at Augie already two weeks before anybody else and it felt like an eternity before everyone else showed up! We have been going through camp from the time being. Now that class finally started it feels like the regular old Augie that i left back in the spring. My classes has been pretty cool all around and I feel as if i will get a lot of information from these classes since I am getting into my core classes for my major. My classes are…

Spanish 101: 9:30-10:20 M,T,W,TH,F

Business Stats 211: 11:30-12:20 M,W,F

Advertising and Social Influence: 2:30-3:20 M,W,F

So far so good, everything has been going smoothly with classes. Football on the other hand has been a little stressful over the past week because I am in competition of being a starter on the Varsity team as a sophomore. A lot of pressure and expectations are put on me but i feel like i could pull it all out with the help of my teammates, friends, and also God.

Go Augie!!

Spring Term So Far

So far this spring term has been pretty smooth. The transitions from the two terms wasn’t a stress for me. Classes so far are pretty good with some amazing teachers. For my LSFY 103 class, i was able to sign up for my same LSFY teacher for the first trimester, Professor Leech! If you ever have a chance to take any of his classes do it. He is really involved and actually care about you and the process of your work. He’s not that hard of a grader neither so it makes it a lot more easier for us students. My second class is Intro to Psych. The teacher Mrs. Beadle is a pretty cool lady and for me, had a great first impression. Before i signed up for the class, so former students of her’s informed me that she grades pretty strict and that was a worry for me. But after being in her class for 3 weeks now, it is safe to say that its not to bad in the first place. She gives us all the information to be successful in the class and also incorporates the fun aspect of it to captivate you to the learning. Last but not least, the last class i have is Art of Listening, which is basically learning a way of listening to music as a  art and picking out pieces of it to explain in the class. My teacher is a sweet heart, Mrs. Dakin. She is so excited about the things that she teaches in the class that it gives you know choice but to be excited and involved as well. The class is also pretty fun in my opinion because we joke around and listen to great music from the past and also in the present. Its a very enjoyable class. This Spring Term has been pretty good to say so the least. 

Spring Term!!!

This Spring Break has been the break I needed. After a tough Winter term, my GPA managed to stay over a 3.0 so I am pretty excited. My Spring term classes are a lot easier and more flexible with my extracurricular for this term. Break has been relaxing and a great way to blow off the Winter term steam. I’m far then ready to come back to Augie though. I miss all my friend s and teammates. Can’t wait for Spring Term!

Finally Back Home!

The first half of this term was almost the death of me. Things are a lot faster then first trimester. Midterms was tough to say the least as well 😩 but I made it through a half year of college🙌 now I am back home with family going to enjoy my break.